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Ubunteq Fintech Platform


Ubunteq Financial Services Ltd has a Cash Board which is cloud based. That keeps our cost down and allows maximum transparency. Our Cash Board views credit availability, accounts receivable portfolio, open invoices and credit insurance limits.In addition you can apply for pre financing, credit limits and watch general collection activity in our “heartbeat monitor”.

Typical SCF and Factoring Illustration

Typically, an SME would assign all its accounts receivable (all or selected subject to Ubunteq eligibility criteria) to Ubunteq. After due diligence and client on boarding procedures, Ubunteq would prepay the SME about 80% of its accounts receivable, with the invoices duly assigned to Ubunteq and the SME debtor notified. Ubunteq would then manage the credit management process, being responsible for collecting the cash from the SME debtors and pay the remaining 20 % minus fees and interest upon payment by the debtor.