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As specialists in supply chain finance, trade solution (reverse) factoring and brokerage activities to SME’s in emerging frontier markets, we’re committed to building strong relationships with our clients. We work alongside you to understand and support your business growth

Ubunteq Financial Services Limited (“Ubunteq”) was incorporated on 21s May 2020 (Companies Registration No. 120200003845) to offer supply chain finance, trade solution (reverse) factoring and brokerage activities to small and medium-sized enterprises (“SMES”) in Zambia. Presently, Ubunteq has not commenced any business activities, as it is in final phase of launching its platforms. Ubunteq will thus be providing shorth term cashflow solutions to Zambian SME’s through credit management and advancing of receivables.

Supply Chain Finance/Factoring Holistic Approach of Entire Accounts Receivable Portfolio

Supply chain finance (“SCF”J, at times referred to as receivables finance and factoring, is a way of financing accounts receivables and is essentially a disclosed working capital facility based on the assignment of short-term account receivables which is stated on the client’s invoice. SCF can drive significant value for SMEs, as it can be structured and implemented in a short period of time, meeting client objectives, such as releasing cash trapped within its balance sheet, or getting access to alternative sources of funding at competitive pricing.

Factoring is widely accepted as an alternative financing source and used in almost every industry that sells business-to-business. One of the biggest advantages of factoring is the improvement of financial competitiveness by the increase of liquidity and enhancement of cash-flow patterns of businesses.

Our People

Our Board of Directors and Executive Committee [“Exco”) drives our business, guided by the interests of our stakeholders and the needs of our clients

Co Founder: Louis Hofmeijer Director

Co Founder: Ernest DenHere

Country Manager: Thomas Sinkala

In addition to the above Board of Directors, Ubunteq has an Advisory Supervisory Board responsible for monitoring and guiding the general affairs of Ubunteq and the policy of the Board of Directors. Like the Board of Directors it is guided by the sustainable interests of Ubunteq and the businesses connected to it.

Through our governance principles, clients service charter and investment in innovation, we’re committed to leading our people and clients to better products and services than anywhere else.

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